The first Spanish-speaking married student ward in Church history

Photo credit: Benjamin Whatcott

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced their approval, through a recommendation letter, to form the very first Spanish-speaking married student ward in Rexburg on Sept. 30.

The Rexburg 20th Spanish-speaking Family Ward was recently divided to create the Rexburg 42nd Spanish-speaking Married Student Ward for young adults attending BYU-Idaho.

The approval became official on Oct. 24 during sacrament meeting where the calling of a new bishop was carried out.

“When the ward was created, I couldn’t stop thinking about the gathering of Israel and how it is still happening here in Rexburg,” said Daniel Bareño, the new bishop of the Rexburg 42nd Ward. “I feel deep admiration for the faith of the saints who decided to be part of our ward and especially for our Heavenly Father who considered us to become a Spanish-speaking ward.”

Members of the new Spanish-speaking ward are excited for the opportunity to be pioneers and closer witnesses of the growth of the Church.

“It’s very special that they’re letting many married students who speak Spanish to interact with each other,” said Justin Cole, a senior studying business finance. “I’m very excited to be a pioneer in the new ward because there is a lot to do; I love that I contribute to it.”

The Church keeps increasing in Rexburg in preparation for the new temple announced this last October general conference.