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The greatest show

Individuals from the community with special needs shared their talents with BYU-Idaho students at a talent show put on by the I-Serve program on March 26.

The talent show is an event put on at the end of each winter semester.

“Our friends in the community…love to show off all their talents,” said Amber Davidson, a senior studying apparel design. “We just want to create an environment to totally be themselves and show off and have the spotlight.”

The program this semester featured many different types of acts. Some of them included ballroom and hip-hop dancing, singing, and basketball tricks.

Volunteers from the I-Serve program got in on the action as well with some choreographed dance routines to songs from movies such as “High School Musical” and “The Greatest Showman.”

After the talent show concluded, there were a variety of games and activities the audience could participate in. Snack and treats were also provided for audience members.

As stated above, these events are put on through the BYU-I sponsored program I-Serve. Within I-Serve, there are three different sections special needs service, campus service and community service.

Pictures of activities done throughout the semester.
Pictures of activities done throughout the semester. Photo credit: Logan Buchanan

The special needs service has three activities per week. Monday night is institute, Wednesday night is arts and crafts and Thursday night is life skills.

“On top of our weekly events, we also have big events and this is considered one of our bigger events,” Davidson said.

There are different ways that people can sign up to volunteer and be a part of I-Serve.

“(People can sign up) through an app called I-Belong or they just come and walk in,” said Autumn Lulla, a senior studying recreational therapy.

The office is located in the Lowell G. Biddulph Hall.

Activities for the special needs service are located in the Gordon B. Hinckley building. Room numbers vary depending on activity. To check the date and time of I-Serve activities, go to this website.

“The friends that we have come in from the community are my best friends,” Lulla said. “I’ll never meet anyone like them.”


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