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The (Hassle)ium behind the Chemistry Lab

According to the BYU-Idaho website, “The Department of Chemistry strives to provide a high-quality learning experience for all students who come from a variety of programs across campus.

The University keeps enrollment in chemistry courses small, to allow a more “personal educational experience,” according to the same website.

However, due to COVID-19, serious changes were made to the program in the early months of 2020. When COVID-19 hit students at the end of the winter semester, the chemistry lab was forced to a close. The chemistry students affected by this change now reflect on their experiences during that time.

Chase Irwin, a sophomore studying biomedical science, is one of these students. He was taking the Chemistry 352 lab when campus shut down.

His initial reaction was a complete shock as he explained that, like everyone else at BYU-I, he had never experienced a pandemic before and didn’t really know what to think.

“For me personally, it was actually not too bad of an experience,” Irwin said. “Our last few labs were canceled, and a lot of pressure I was feeling in my classes that semester was relieved by some very understanding teachers who made necessary changes and made things easier for finals.”

These changes were implemented in hopes of making the transition smooth.

“Classmates around me were also in shock,” Irwin said. Nobody knew what was going to happen, many people went to their hometowns to be with family.”

As for the following semesters at BYU-Idaho, a number of students have made changes to their schedules in order to complete their degrees.

Emmet Postma, a welding and engineering major, discussed how the classes for chemistry-related subjects have been changed. He explained that he is taking the introductory class online next semester, rather than the in-person classes offered before COVID-19.

“My learning took a negative change though,” Irwin said. “I find it much harder to really engage in classes over Zoom. If I could give my past self advice, I would tell him that everything will be OK. Heavenly Father has a plan for it all and he has a plan for you.”

These changes have affected the way BYU-I students live their every day lives. However, the lessons learned by students will aid them in completing their education for the future.

In order to keep updated on any future COVID-19 changes, check out the BYU-Idaho Coronavirus (COVID 19) Updates page.

For any information in regards to the chemistry department at BYU-Idaho, check out the Department of Chemistry page.


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