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The Headline: Photo contest, culture night and jazz

The Headline is a weekly podcast published by Scroll that covers the hot topics, events and students on campus. This week, Rudy Diaz and Travis Hughes discuss the police log, Scroll’s photo contest, culture night, and the Jazz Festival.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:05] What’s up peeps. Welcome to this week’s edition of The Headline with me, Rudy Diaz.

Travis Hughes: [00:00:11] And me, Travis Hughes.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:11] Awesome, and today we’ve got quite the show for ustedes. That means you guys in Spanish.

Travis Hughes: [00:00:18] I understood that. I took some Spanish in high school.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:22] There you go. Or [gibberish] … I don’t know if that was even a language. But here we are for The Headline. So this week we’re going to cover several things such as things.

Travis Hughes: [00:00:39] Such as things.

Rudy Diaz: [00:00:44] So let’s, the photo contest, photo contest? OMG. Girl, you heard me right. Yes, Scroll is hosting a photo contest.

Travis Hughes: [00:00:56] Yeah. We’re doing a photo contest to see who’s going to be the cover for next semester’s one and only edition. For those of you who don’t know, Scroll has transition to only online news organization as of this semester. And so we’ve only put out one kind of a general get to know campus get to know BYU-Idaho edition at the beginning of each semester, and it sits on the on the rack for pick up the entire semester. And so if you’re interested at all in displaying your photography skills, getting them out on campus for the entire semester you can just like literally in any building be like hey, I took that photo. That was me. I submitted it and I won the photo contest. Definitely, this is an opportunity for you to do that.

Rudy Diaz: [00:01:42] Uh huh, I do concur with what Travis stated. It is such a wonderful opportunity to show off them skills you got with photography and have them available for everybody to see. So with that, if you guys have spring-themed pictures we’re talking about sunshine we’re talking about flowers blooming, please, submit those pictures to scrolleditor@byui.edu. Email all those pictures, again, to scrolleditor@byui.edu. The contest will officially end on March 21 at midnight.

Travis Hughes: [00:02:21] Yep. I’ve personally be able to see a few of the photos that have already been submitted, and yeah, they’re looking pretty good. We actually have some pretty good photographers out here and Rexburg, so definitely don’t be shy to send in any photos that you’ve got.

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:35] Exactly. So give it a chance. Y’all got this next topic. Girl what is it.

Travis Hughes: [00:02:43] We got the police log next.

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:45] Oh my gosh what happened?

Travis Hughes: [00:02:47] Well, so this week is a bit of an interesting one for all your roommates out there that don’t get along so well.

Rudy Diaz: [00:02:55] And you know you’re out there.

Travis Hughes: [00:02:57] Yeah, yeah, I’ve been roommates with some of those people that I really struggled with. So yeah just remember you probably, I mean yeah you probably aren’t this bad but let’s take a look. It’s titled “Just learn to be adults.” “Police responded to a complaint where roommates could not get along. Police determined that there was no criminal activity and that learning to get along was a part of adulthood.” Hear that kids? It’s part of adulthood to get along. “Police advised both individuals that they needed to avoid each other and not to contact each other and respect each other’s privacy.” Tell you what I don’t need the police officer told me that if I’m not getting along with my roommate. But it’s a very, very interesting situation there. I’ve never had to call the police on my roommate because we weren’t getting along.

Rudy Diaz: [00:03:50] Yeah, it’s interesting. Like dang I can’t believe that either. Like it’s kinda insane that they got to this point but you know guys, fellas, girls, everybody, you know, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Get your stuff figured out so that cops don’t have to intervene.

Travis Hughes: [00:04:11] Yeah, don’t want the police involved in your roommate relationship fiasco. Do you guys have any any crazy roommate stories you have for us? Like, you know, if you guys have any things crazy things happen to you, without mentioning names obviously; we don’t want to bring anyone specifically to the limelight or not.

Rudy Diaz: [00:04:31] Privacy, privacy.

Travis Hughes: [00:04:33] Feel free to comment any issues or funny stories that you guys have had with roommates.

Rudy Diaz: [00:04:40] Exactly. Let us know the juicy deets, the gossip, the 4-1-1. So with that said next topic we want to talk about the next hot stuff going on. And that is the Cultural Night performances going on or performance going on Friday, March 8 at 7 to 9 p.m. So this is a wonderful opportunity to get that cultural stuff. For example, if you want to learn more about the culture through dance of other countries such as China, Mexico or any other countries, India, this is your opportunity to see how these dances are unique, different and so much fun to watch.

Travis Hughes: [00:05:23] Yeah, I’ve actually, not going to lie Rudy, I’m a terrible person. I’ve not ever been to a Cultural Night performance or any sort of cultural night at all, but it’s something that it’s always intrigued me, what’s going on. So yeah, we definitely encourage all of you to go check it out. I think I’m definitely going to make an effort to do this this semester because it’s my last semester and I really I’ve been trying to do everything that I haven’t done on campus yet so far. And this is things that I specifically thought of as like I really want to do this because I’ve not done it yet. And I’ve made excuses before I’ve had other things going on and I’m going to make time for this. It’s on this Friday, March 8 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Kirkham 230 or Kirkham room 230, the auditorium. So excited to go check that out for sure.

Rudy Diaz: [00:06:18] Exactly. Travis look at me. Go. I’ve been twice. So much fun so much energy and so much excitement.

Travis Hughes: [00:06:29] I’ll uh, yeah. Be sure to go this semester.

Rudy Diaz: [00:06:32] Yes and we invite you guys also to go check out that, that exciting event. Now with that, let’s move on to the Center Stage.

Travis Hughes: [00:06:43] Yeah and Center Stage has a winter Jazz Festival on Saturday, so the day after the Cultural Night. They have the winter Jazz Festival. It’s from Saturday March 9 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Hart Auditorium with you know the you know the gym and the stage where they hold all their events. So the Winter Jazz Festival is the Miami Saxophone Quartet is the headliner. Oh yeah, yeah they’re the headline events of…

Rudy Diaz: [00:07:17] Get it, headline headline.

Travis Hughes: [00:07:18] Yeah we’re The Headline they’re the headline, yeah let’s go. But there’ll also be other festivities other other groups there to perform. But you know I’m not the biggest fan of jazz but it seems interesting. Jazz is never something that, I don’t feel like you can hate jazz. It’s just a solid good genre of music. And like while I may not love it, you can’t hate jazz if that makes sense.

Rudy Diaz: [00:07:49] Yeah like jazz is such a wonderful, like for example I grew up listening to Jazz and also I was in a jazz band all throughout high school. Not here because focus on other things, but yeah, it’s totally a wonderful opportunity because not only do we get to hear the Miami Saxophone Quartet, not only are they are performing, but also some of BYU-Idaho’s best are performing as well and getting prepared and stuff. So with that we’re going to listen to a take from the Miami Quartet on A Night in Tunisia, a classic song that I personally have always always loved since being in a jazz band in high school. So let’s take a listen. *MUSIC* All right sweet. I actually really liked that song, and I liked that version of it because it really does capture that whole, like the samba thing.

Travis Hughes: [00:09:05] Yeah, I think when a lot of people think of jazz you imagine the kind of cool jazz the New Orleans jazz. And I think that their style’s a bit different. They do have that Latin influence I’d say. Being from Miami you have a lot of that influence there, and I think it really shows and it sounds, like it’s really good. And like you said it’s once again jazz is not, you know, my most favorite wonderful genre of all time but it’s good, like you can’t diss on jazz. It’s good quality music.

Rudy Diaz: [00:09:37] Exactly. And like I said I mean it’s muy picante, the music. Like, if you’re looking for that salsa that you know Miami heat stuff definitely, definitely give this quartet a listen to. And I already know, like, I got it on my Spotify. I got that stuff on my Spotify. The Night in Tunisia. Coolio. Well we have reached the end of another episode of The Headline. Thank you guys so much for listening. Thank you guys for everything. Just thank you guys.

Travis Hughes: [00:10:13] Be sure you know to if you’re interested at all in the photo contest to put your stuff up on that, to e-mail your photos to scrolleditor@byui.edu. And yeah it’s, you know, thank you so much for tuning in to listen to us.

Rudy Diaz: [00:10:31] Exactly. And don’t ever hesitate to comment or, I don’t know, like, do whatever young kids do nowadays.

Travis Hughes: [00:10:39] Yeah, except don’t do the the reaction where it’s like the mad face or whatever. Don’t do that unless you really hate what we do. Then you know.

Rudy Diaz: [00:10:48] Give us 20 of those and then we’ll talk to you. So with that said this has been The Headline.



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