Things to do during the summer in Rexburg

a photo of rock climbing. Photo courtesy of BYU-Idaho's Outdoor Resource Center website

With spring semester coming to a close and summer session fast approaching, many students who are staying in Rexburg may be wondering what to do.


According to Rockhound Times, “Rockhounding is the recreational study and collection of rocks, gems, minerals, or fossils from their natural environments.”

Naturally, this activity can be easily done in an area with plenty of rocks and mountains.

“I really like rockhounding looking for different semi-precious stones,” said Keaton Tate, a junior studying physics.

Go to hot springs

“I have also liked going to hot springs,” Tate said. “Heise Hot Springs is nice. Lava Hot Springs is a bit more of a drive, but it’s fun.

Heise Hot Springs has a summer pool that is closed until August of this year in addition to the hot pool.

Lava Hot Springs has an indoor cold pool as well, which is currently open.


“One thing I like to do currently, and one thing I’m planning on doing this summer is going golfing,” said Porter Hansen, a junior studying computer information technology. “There’s two golf courses here. There’s Teton Lakes and then there’s Legacy. I really like to go to Legacy.”

Legacy’s website says that a season pass is $599.75. It also says, “Play a round of 9 or 18 for $15.00 at Jefferson Hills Golf Course, Pinecrest Golf Course, Sage Lakes Golf Course and Sand Creek Golf Course. Jefferson Hills is located in Rigby. All other facilities listed are located in Idaho Falls.”

Watching sports

With the Olympics approaching and Major League Baseball going strong, these and other sporting events make for something to do indoors on hot summer days. Students could also hold gatherings in their apartments to watch Olympic events.

Regardless of what students decide to do, opportunities abound in Rexburg