Time-tested traditions of General Conference

Cinnamon rolls are a common conference treat. Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash.


Kayla Nicholls

Sophomore studying communication

“My family always makes lunch together between sessions and I love having the time to be with my family and talk about our favorite talks and our experiences watching.”

Sabrina Benites

Senior studying political science

“Each conference my family does the classic pancakes and breakfast. My dad gets up an hour early to start making eggs, bacon, pancakes and biscuits with his homemade gravy. The tradition is simple but brings us closer together every conference.”

Shanna Hunt

Sophomore studying communication

“The waft of cinnamon and heat hits my nose as I wake up. The words general conference bounce around my mind as I lazily get out of bed. I slide off the covers, put on my slippers and drag my feet to the kitchen. The golden, drizzled cinnamon rolls lay out on the kitchen table ready to be eaten. My mom hands me one as I sit down on the couch ready to partake of the prophet’s word for the weekend.”

Janeece Goldade

Senior studying animal science

“I love conference weekend because that always means my family either has homemade cinnamon rolls or my grandma’s recipe of kuchen which is German coffee cake. Our family has a shared love for both of those foods and so eating them together, I feel, brings a great unity in our family as we watch conference together and eat those sweet treats.”

Time to ponder

David Goerg

Junior studying English
“I like taking notes on the talks. This means that I have to be alert as I watch the conference, so on good general conference weekends I wake up early, shower and get dressed so I can prepare for the conference mentally and bring my A-game to note-taking.”

David Goerg on General Conference weekend in 2019.
David Goerg on General Conference weekend in 2019. Photo credit: David Goerg

Lily Crandall

Senior studying communication
“Growing up in a non-active family we never watched general conference. I remember the first time I really sat and watched every session, I was in the MTC about to leave to the field. Since that very first time I have committed to myself to always make general conference a priority. I will always sit down to listen, come with questions and ponder the things we were told and apply them to my life. General conference changed my life.”

Elise Forbes

Sophomore studying political science

“My family and I live near a lake, so we enjoy taking a walk between the sessions of conference. It is always a great time to reflect on the messages we heard, and guess who will speak next. I am so grateful for general conference and how it brings my family together.”

Elise Forbes enjoys going on walks with her family in between General Conference sessions.
Photo credit: Elise Forbes


Katie Card
Senior studying communication
“When I was younger, my parents would find activities to help my siblings and I pay attention during conference. These would include printing out coloring pages, often church-themed ones like pictures of temples or of General Authorities. We also enjoyed filling out bingo cards with phrases or topics the speakers might cover. Even though I’m grown up now, I still enjoy doing fun, creative things like these each year.”