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Top 4 hidden gems near you

1. Teton Bagel

Teton Bagel is a small food truck based in Rigby, Idaho. The food truck is located off Menan Lorenzo Highway and is owned by BYU-Idaho alumnus Ryan Bestor. His inspiration to create the company came from the 2015 sitcom Schitt’s Creek.

“In the show, the family had an idea to start a bagel shop, but they never did,” Bestor said. “As my wife and I were watching the show, we thought that we should do that.”

Bestor began delivering the bagels from his car for fun.

“It picked up really quick, so I built this food truck to keep up with it,” he said.

All of Bestor’s ingredients are homegrown and come from a farm right behind the food truck.

2. Yellowstone Gem World

The variety of gems you offered for purchase
The variety of gems you offered for purchase Photo credit: Natelie Fonnesbeck

This gem store is located inside the Roxy Theater in St. Anthony, Idaho. It is owned and managed by Maria Price. The store contains an abundant number of crystals, rocks, gems, crystal knives and shining decor.

Price got her degree in massage therapy and decided to use her hands to create herself a shining palace that attracts all walks of life from around the world.

“Different people come through here,” Price said. “We recently had a guy from Israel traveling through. He came and bought some crystals.”

The gem store also offers craft classes Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-8 p.m.

3. Idaho Art Lab

Assorted paints for sale
Assorted paints for sale Photo credit: Natelie Fonnesbeck

The Idaho Art Lab is a nonprofit organization that is located in St. Anthony. The art lab seeks to educate eastern Idaho about the power of art. It is run by Kara and Daniel Hidalgo, who both got their degrees in art.

The Idaho Art Lab has a large amount of equipment to help you bring your imagination to life. From a dark room for photography to rock lapidary, the organization has a lot to offer to the community.

According to Daniel Hidalgo, rock lapidary is a top choice for this who come to the lab. It is an artistic design made from altering the structure of gems, stones, and minerals.

“We’re a community space for the community to gather and create,” Hidalgo said. “We recently had a couple come in to make their own engagement rings.”

Pottery tools
Pottery tools Photo credit: Natelie Fonnesbeck

Students can attend the Idaho Art Lab by appointment.

The Idaho Art Lab holds art expos for the community and will have three Hollywood celebrities come this summer to teach.

The celebrities — Ted Haines, Don Lanning and Rob Burman — are known for their special effects and make-up in movies like Avatar, Star Trek and The Hunger Games.

4. Idaho Fishing Outfitters

Fish in a tank
Fish in a tank Photo credit: Natelie Fonnesbeck

Idaho Fishing Outfitters is eastern Idaho’s hot spot for fly fishing equipment. According to AJ Jorgensen, an employee at Idaho Fishing Outfitters, the store attracts a diverse amount of fisherman from all parts of the nation.

“We get different types of people here from all parts of the United States,” Jorgensen said. “We’re kind of like the hotbed for fly fishing equipment.”

The store holds fly fishing classes that students can sign up for throughout the year. According to Jorgensen, fly fishing is more active than regular fishing.

Lures for sale
Lures for sale Photo credit: Natelie Fonnesbeck

“It’s like headhunting; you have to sneak up on the fish and present your fly to catch it,” Jorgensen said.

The store also updates its website with fishing reports on where you can go fishing in eastern Idaho.


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