Trunk or treat for adults

The car is decorated for the trunk or treating event. Photo credit: Amber Avalona Photo credit: Amber Avalona

A creative and ambitious group of students, Rexburg Life, came together to create an enjoyable night for the community and students.

Trunk or treating and an after-party dance took place on Oct. 23 in Rexburg. Twenty businesses from around Rexburg came to support the event. Every vehicle lined up, and each business popped its trunk open to reveal cobwebs, skeleton fingers and private chests, each one lined with candy.

Every visitor could receive candy by saying the words “trick or treat,” while live music from local artists played. Free hot chocolate was given to all of those in attendance.

At the end of the event, all those who decorated their trunk were entered into a competition. The winner with the best-decorated trunk won a $100 prize

“Our goal is to create a space for the community and students to get together more; that’s the objective behind Rexburg Life,” said Tyler Ludlow, a senior studying business management-marketing.

Ludlow stated that some friends had an idea to host events for the community and students by forming Rexburg Life. They are making those ideas a reality.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it is so nice we are finally able to enjoy (it) after the last year,” said Jacob Ferris, a junior studying financial economics.

For more information about the event or future events hosted by Rexburg Life, go to its Instagram account or its website.