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Through Another’s Eye: ADHD: A blessing in disguise

As a student with ADHD, Corbin Mills, a freshman studying music, finds different activities to focus his energy on and utilizes the lessons his parents taught him.

“One of my goals, that I’ve always had, was always stay in shape,” said Mills. “With ADHD I have that energy and I need to get it out, but then sometimes my body physically can’t handle how much I try and get out.”

Though aware of his ADHD since childhood, Mills never let it get in the way of the things he wanted to accomplish.

“I don’t really care that I have ADHD… there are hard parts with it but there are also blessings with it,” said Mills. “It’s never really affected how I see myself in comparison to others.”

Mill’s parents taught him about respect, hard work, integrity and doing what is right.

“I speak my mind, I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in or what I feel is right.”


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