Watch-parties in The Crossroads brings people together

A picture of the screen from one of the UEFA Euros watch parties Photo credit: Roger Hughes

Prior to COVID-19, The Crossroads would hold watch-parties for major sporting events. These included the Olympics, playoffs for major sports and tournaments, such as the Union of European Football Associations soccer tournament. With the pandemic in retreat, these watch-parties, hosted by the Student Activities program, have come back.

These parties range across various sporting events, such as soccer tournaments and playoff games for major sports leagues. They occur when there are games, so the times tend to vary.

“It’s good, it’s entertaining,” said Nefi Huerta, a freshman studying psychology. “It’s something distracting while I work on my homework.”

The appeal can also be found in the competition itself.

“It’s … cool to watch and see how countries play together, even though they normally don’t play together on the same club team, but they come together a few times a year to play together as a country,” said Dillon Rowe, a junior studying accounting.

According to a study from the University of Edinburgh, not only do spectators have faith in teams to keep them safe from the virus, but it helps fans reach a sense of normalcy.

This seems to reflect in the watch-parties. The watch-parties help people feel normal. As more things return, people feel better.