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WATCH: Seniors go back to prom

On Nov. 6, seniors at the Homestead Assisted Living dress up in tuxedos and dresses for a night of entertainment, food and dancing. The senior’s prom is organized by Amberlee Call, a junior studying recreation management.

“The group consists of myself and two others, Anna Reyes and Maddy Alger,” Call said. “The event is for a Program and Event Management class with Brother Horsley.”

The idea started when the group decided to host a dance for the seniors. They collaborated with Homestead Assisted Living to organize a night in Hollywood. There was music, dancing, decorations and desserts including cheesecakes and chocolate covered strawberries.

“I really like that Homestead organizes fun and entertaining events like this. They’ve been hosting events like this yearly which helps me stay active, and for being 92 years old, I have to do all I can to stay active and young,” said Betty Collins, a resident of Homestead.

The prom started out with a light dinner, with the dining area being transitioned into the ballroom dance floor afterwards.

“Idaho Central Credit Union was very gracious in giving us a $200 sponsorship,” Alger, a junior studying recreation management, said. “With the funding we were able to provide decorations and light snacks for everyone. It was a huge help as we were setting up, knowing it was one less thing for us to be stressed about.”

The night seemed young as students and seniors danced to the music of the 50s and 60s including Elvis, The Temptations and other well recognized classics. There was a photography booth with Hollywood-themed props to capture the moment for those in attendance.

“What I loved most about tonight is seeing a sense of togetherness,” said Alex Laubaugh, a senior studying business management. “With the students and seniors coming together through the music and dancing, it shows the community really growing and coming together. Amber is a good friend of mine and invited me out here tonight, I was more than happy to come out.”

Some may remember the night for the elements of music, community involvement and the memories created between the students and seniors of Homestead Assisted Living dancing the night away.


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