What does ZAGG bring to Rexburg?

ZAGG sign inside Rexburg store Photo credit: Natalee Westover

ZAGG, a new store to Rexburg, sells phone products and phone accessories that have lifetime warranties.

It also repairs phones and has the lowest price for repairs or can match other prices. The store’s repairs include screen repair, battery replacement, charging port repair and back repair for iPhones.

ZAGG sells a range of products from GEAR4 cases to InvisibleShield screen protectors that also come in glass, film or glass fusion. The store also has Mophie charging products with a two-year warranty, which is the longest warranty within a charging company right now.

Inside of Rexburg ZAGG location
Inside of Rexburg ZAGG location Photo credit: Natalee Westover

“The work environment is really fun,” said Mason Powell, area manager of ZAGG. “Everyone is friends. We enjoy coming to work. We’re very competitive. So it pushes us to do better and to be better. It’s really numbers based, so it makes it a competitive work environment, which makes it fun.”

ZAGG has a call center in the back of the store, and it is always hiring. In order to apply, bring in a resume that includes your name, number and email. Human resources will determine if you are a good fit to be a ZAGG employee after the hiring process is complete.

“We bonus our employees based on their call volume and lead submission,” Powell said. “There are lots of bonuses for employees working for ZAGG as long as they’re selling.”