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What would you do if there was a shooting on campus?

Since the first school shooting at Columbine High School, there have been well over 300 other accounted Shootings in the US. According to Everytown, a website that looks into the causes and prevention of gun violence, there have been 160 school shootings between 2013 and 2015. Of those shootings, 47 percent have occurred on a college or university campus.

So how can BYU-Idaho student prepare themselves for the worst-case scenario? Bryon Gilbert, a University Fire Protection Officer here at BYU-I, said the first thing that students can do is to “become aware,” meaning to become aware of the safety procedures put in place by the school.

If there were ever a case in which a school shooting were to happen and you are in the middle of the scene, Gilbert suggested to, “run… hide… and fight.”

Doug Barker, the University Security and Safety Patrol Supervisor, said to do what the authority tells you once they show up to the scene. This makes it easier for them and for you.

Gilbert also assures student, “there is a plan.”

Gilbert explained that within this plan, there is a line of authority and a line of responders who are all trained to handle any emergency that might occur on campus. Gilbert went more in depth with the plan, explaining that there are three different groups of responders.

For example, if there was a school shooting in the Hyrum Manwaring Center, the Public Safety Officers would be the first to respond. They would then call the Rexburg police.

Second, the University Emergency Committee would then take over until the Rexburg police arrived. The UEC would then become the support for the police unit.

The third group of responders would be the building coordinators. These are established school faculty in each building that have been put in charge to be the emergency contacts between what is going on, on the scene and the UEC outside of the attack.

Gilbert said the school and the Rexburg police try to keep a good relationship with each other just in case of an emergency. Regular meetings are held with representatives of all emergency services on campus and in Rexburg. They also hold regular training sessions with these members of emergency services and the Rexburg police.

Both Barker and Gilbert said they want to direct students to two safety training videos that show exactly what students should do in case of a school shooting. The first video is called, “Run. Hide. Fight.” and the other video is called, “Shots Fired-When Lightning Strikes.” Both videos can be found Here.


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