What’s a ‘dirt shirt?’

They are wearing the two different colors they offer. Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

Water. Dirt. Natural iron. Inactive volcano cinders.

This is the secret to behind the Intergrated Business Core group: Dunes and Company. The team gets white T-shirts with their logo printed on it and then combines the natural substances listed above into a bucket to create the unique color.

According to the Dunes and Co. website, the shirts take an average of 10 hours to dye by hand, which makes each shirt different. It sits out to dry and then it is ready to sell.

Dunes and Co. has two different color options
Dunes and Co. has two different color options Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

“I reached out to a friend of mine who is studying soil science,” said Emily Milward, a junior studying business management and a part of Dunes and Co. team. “She said that there is one place in Idaho that has a high enough PH level that can dye the shirts, and it is in the St. Anthony Sand Dunes.”

The sand dunes are a big part of the Rexburg culture. Little do the students and locals know that this is the only place in the entire state that can create what is known as a “dirt shirt”.

Creating a brand does not happen overnight. The creators of Dunes and Co. have been working hard all semester to make sure this business is exactly what they want it to be. From spending long days in the blazing sun selling on campus, to going out to the sand dunes to dye the shirts, this team has put in lots of effort. These creators feel like the hard work pays off when they see people actually wearing the shirts and appreciating the time that went into making them.

Keychains Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

“You can see the connection with them when they understand the awesomeness of the shirt and how much it really, truly means to us,” said Tresha Preston, a junior studying business management and a part of the Dunes and Co. team. “They become a part of the family when they purchase a shirt.”

The best way to follow along their journey and support them is by following them on Instagram. They finish selling at the end of the semester.