What’s all the ‘Buzzle’ about?

Selling products on campus Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

Students in a new Integrated Business Core company put their 19 heads together to create bath essentials to sell to other students at BYU-Idaho. They have bath bombs, sugar scrubs and have recently added shower steamers to their list.

According to the Buzzle website, “Our goal is to make our customers’ bath time experience one to remember. We focus on the quality of our products, so customers can have a great experience while in bath.”

The Buzzle team’s first step in creating a company was establishing the “why” behind the product. They came up with this three-word mantra: “Seek to uplift.” This purpose statement is not only applied to their products, but to their advertising as well. The team often writes uplifting messages with chalk on concrete around campus.

Buzzle shows love on the sidewalk
Buzzle shows love on the sidewalk Photo credit: Abby Jorgensen

“We just want people to have a better day,” said Preston Milne, a freshman studying business management, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Buzzle.

The statement, “seek to uplift” has been really inspiring for Milne. It has helped him see the vision of what the company could be, and it helped him grow in the business world.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is patience,” Milne said. “Working with a lot of people, being patient with sales and just trusting the process that sales will come. You do what you need to do, everything will work out.”

The Integrated Business Core program gives students a hands-on opportunity to run a business and try all aspects of it alongside their peers. Kyle Bentall, a junior studying business management and in charge of finances for Buzzle, feels that the company has really helped prepare him for his future.

“Since you get to know every department at some point in the company, it’s beneficial, not just in IBC, but for the rest of your life,” said Bentall.

The best way to support and connect with Buzzle is by following them on Instagram for updates.