When will my life begin?

This is a picture of what the I-Plan login looks like. Photo credit: Eden Burke

The future: What does it hold?

That small statement carries much weight. To some, it is exciting; to others, it is nerve-racking.

So how does someone balance their current life with their future life? How do they plan for the future? College students most often ask these questions.

Many colleges and universities have programs available for their students to help with this process.

BYU-Idaho has a website and program for all of their students that is designed to plan their classes, credits, major and emphasis, which all help a person be successful in planning for their life outside of school.

This program is known as ‘The Grad Plan’ or ‘I-Plan.

The image was taken from the BYU-Idaho grad planner/ I-Plan page
I-Plan or Gard Planner to help plan classes throughout college. Photo credit: https://www.byui.edu/iplan/features & Eden Burke

The Grad Plan helps students to plan their future, but if the website or program becomes confusing or overwhelming, there are academic advisors available to help students navigate through the process.

According to the I-Plan website, there is a specified advisor for each major and emphasis. An academic advisor usually works around 15 hours a week. This allows them to work but also manage their own schoolwork at the same time.

The job of an advisor comes with much responsibility, but it has its perks.

“A helpful thing about the job is that since we help others with their classes and future plans, we get to know all the resources and can help friends and family,” said Isaac Jensen, a senior studying business finance.

Advisors answer phones all day, especially a Grad Plan advisor, so there are bound to be some interesting and random questions they receive.

“Random questions we get are about if BYU-I has a food plan or how you get around the facial hair issue,” Jensen said.

Jensen talks about how at this job, he has grown a lot. He used to be more introverted and unable to keep conversations, especially over the phone, but this job has helped strengthen interpersonal communication and become friendlier.

“Students can create multiple plans. You’ll always have your primary Declared Plan with your current Major, but you can explore and create an Alternate Plan … I think as a student, it helps gives you more control and freedom and helps you be more confident because you made the choices and built the Plan that you want,” said Kyle Valentine the student success and retention system administrator.

Planning for the future can be exciting or nerve-racking, but with the Grad Plan and academic advisors, there is less stress.

Like the song from “Tangled, “When will my life begin?”