Winter 2022 parking information

Photo credit: Grace Wride

On October 12, BYU-Idaho released an official notice encouraging students to secure an overnight parking permit before bringing a vehicle for the Winter 2022 Semester. Parking permits are limited but can be secured directly through your housing complex.

Many housing complexes issue parking permits separate from housing contracts and are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. The university warns that if students cannot secure an overnight parking permit before the beginning of the semester, there may not be any legal places to park their vehicle overnight.

According to the notice, students who choose not to bring a vehicle or are unable to acquire overnight parking may need to look for other options including:

  • Some complexes have their own shuttle service that will take residents to and from campus to the complex.
  • Walmart provides a free shuttle service that makes several stops around campus and will take students to and from the supercenter.
  • Salt Lake Express provides shuttle services to locations outside of the Rexburg area.
  • Many grocery stores and restaurants offer some type of delivery service.
  • Roommates, friends, and/or family are resources and, with some coordination, can assist students in their transportation needs.