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Your career: Doing smart things at smart times

The BYU-Idaho Career Center has been helping students find careers since its founding as Ricks College many years ago. With its new location in the Hyrum Manwaring Center comes a new objective to invite students to learn how to prepare for the job they want.

The Career Center’s move was more than just centralizing student services. Moving their location has allowed them to be in a more populated area of the building and become a more active part of the student experience.

With their new location, they have a more open floorplan to invite students to learn about preparing for the job they want without having to go through a receptionist. A large part of this change is to become more like Apple’s Genius Bar, creating an easy-to-approach help desk where all students can come learn about resumes and networking in their future careers.

Derek Fay, the BYU-I Career Center Office managing director, spoke to Scroll about all of their new goals with their fresh location. Primarily, they strive to help students succeed and end their time at school with a great job and career. They plan on making the Career Center a good place to visit any time, no matter what a student may be studying or what year of school they are in.

Employability is a large part of what the Career Center is trying to help students achieve with tools like Vmock, BYU-I Connect and Handshake. With the new displays by their location, they plan to present events and challenges they are spearheading, as well as highlight alumni in their dream careers and sharing how they got there.

“Get prepared, get confident, get hired you know, get the job,” said Fay. “Now the student is the agent in that scenario, we aren’t handing out jobs. We’re going to invite you to use your agency to do smart things at smart times.”

Making these services more accessible to students offers exciting new opportunities. The Career Center is currently working on getting a professional development plan integrated with I-Plan to tell students what they can do to grow professionally throughout their studies. They are also updating and modernizing their website in Spring Semester 2021, which can be found here.

Workshops for resume building and interview practice are coming down the pipeline along with their Becoming Mighty challenge. Contact the Career Center with any questions regarding career readiness or stop by their new location across from The Crossroads.

Photo credit: Zyan Gonzalez
Photo credit: Zyan Gonzalez


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