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5k runners survive another zombie chase race

Seth Long from Rigby gets professional zombie makeup done at the Zombie Chase Race. James Richards | Scroll Photography
Makeup artists transform Seth Long, from Rigby, into a zombie before the race begins. James Richards | Scroll Photography

Another year, another Zombie Chase Race.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, Rexburg residents participated in the annual 5k obstacle course while being chased by a hoard of zombies.

“The goal is to survive,” according to the zombiechasereace.com.

If participants were not survivors, they played the role of zombies.

Melissa Paul, a freshman studying history, and Dallin Mower, a senior studying accounting, participated as zombies in the race.

Makeup artists offered their services to make participants look like zombies at the Nature Park.

Zombies could either race and/or chase the survivors. From the Nature Park, survivors ran to Hemming Village while evading zombies, according to zombiechaserace.com.



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