Former president of the Peoria Illinois mission, Brent Top and his wife Wendy have made a great effort to touch the lives of many through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Brent is a Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University and is currently serving as the chair of that department. Brent and Wendy have written many books together. They show a great system of teamwork where they individually write chapters and then bring them together and edit the work as a whole. They have an ability to balance out their differences and put together finely polished products. They agree and joke that they find writing easier than raising children and dealing with the stresses of parenthood.

Brent and Wendy’s ability to teach and create great doctrinal publications comes from their shared enjoyment of discussing the doctrine of the kingdom as a couple. The gospel is very much the priority of their marriage. While serving as a mission president, the Tops were sure to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly to the missionaries that they oversaw. The two enjoy their so-called “comfortable silence.” They joke that after spending so much time together they just have nothing left to say. The two are quaintly humorous about their relationship and very comfortable with one another.

“Glimpses beyond Death’s Door” is the book that the Tops had put a lot of time and effort into publishing. Brent and Wendy, for a long time, had a great desire to write on the subject of life after death. The book takes focus on experiences from individuals who are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so that people could innocently describe something they are not so familiar with. From these accounts, the Tops recognized testimonies of LDS doctrine. Members of the church, who are very comfortable and aware of the teachings of life after death, can gain a lot of insight from these accounts. Brent and Wendy hope that their book and work will bring a yearning for others to study the scriptures more. They hope to increase a desire for others to continue their understanding of the afterlife in which we are commanded to study more about. Sister Top explains that realizing what the next life is all about is what truly changes lives. Brother Top also emphasizes the importance of studying the afterlife with the promise that validation will follow from what the modern day prophets and apostles have declared. He strongly believes that a true perspective of death is one that does not bring fear but can cause individuals to cling to this life with an understanding of the importance that comes with it.