Daris Howard is an author and playwright who grew up on a farm in rural Idaho. Throughout his life he has associated with many colorful characters including cowboys, farmers, lumberjacks, truck drivers, factory workers, and others while working in these and other industries. He will jokingly say that his best job was working in a fast food establishment, because that was what gave him the motivation to attend college.

He was a state champion wrestler and competed in college athletics. He also lived for eighteen months in New York when he was 19 – 21 years old.

Daris and his wife, Donna, have ten children and were foster parents for several years. He has also worked in scouting and cub scouts, at one time having 18 boys in his scout troop.

Daris is now a math professor and his classes are well known for the stories he tells to liven up discussion and to help bring across the points he is trying to teach.

His plays, musicals, and books build on the characters of those he has associated with, along with his many experiences. He also writes a popular weekly newspaper column called “Life’s Outtakes” that are short stories from his life and the lives of those he has known. His scripts and books are much like his stories, full of humor and real life experiences.

He has had his plays translated into German and French and performed in many countries around the world. His plays have won many awards including the National Theatre Co-op Award, the Deseret Dramatic Award, semifinalist in the Moondance Film and Theatre Festival, and his book, The Three Gifts, has won the Editor’s Choice Award.