Jason Buck was born in Moses Lake, Washington, to a family of eight children with a rich farming tradition. When he was three years old his father moved the family to Michigan to farm potatoes. Jason’s storybook childhood came crashing down around him at six years old when his family lost their farm. He will never forget the tears in his father’s eyes as they stood on the front yard watching the farm equipment being taken away. He swore at that moment that he would make things right and nothing in the world would stop him. He knew, even at that age, that the NFL was his answer, and even though athletics was not a part of his family, Jason pursued it with every fiber of his soul. The harder life became for him and his family, the more determined he was to correct it.

Every day of his life from that point forward was a great challenge: overcoming adversity in almost every imaginable form. As you hear about his challenges you will fight with Jason for his very survival as his family suffers devastating financial hardships, becomes homeless, sleeping in the dirt under a hay truck, bathes in the cattle’s watering trough and finding clothes in the county dump. Fight with him for his dreams, his self-worth, and his identity as he defends himself and his family to all those that looked down upon, ridiculed, and persecuted them. See, through Jason’s eyes, his family falling apart under the pressure: parents fighting and talking of divorce and siblings dropping out of high school or running away from home. As his world crumbles around him, fight with him through persecution by teachers, coaches, and teammates, hazing, injuries, a tragic death, eventual divorce, and challenges no one should have to face.

You will fight side by side with Jason as he continues to work through insurmountable odds and adversity, coming from a redneck high school with a graduating class of 25 students and walking on as a quarterback at a local junior college only to leave the team because he couldn’t pay tuition; working at a seed mill for $3.25 an hour while lifting weights every night in order to come back two years later to become an All-American defensive lineman; winning the Outland Trophy and being drafted as the 17th player in the 1st round of the NFL draft to play in two Super Bowls! His story has the power to change lives.

Since retiring from the NFL Jason has stayed active in the football world by being a trusted sports analyst and color commentator for the regional ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX networks; a coach for his two son’s teams; and as an owner of the Utah Blaze of the Arena Football League. He is also an active motivational speaker sharing his inspirational story and the principles of success that he has lived by to universities, corporations and other assorted groups throughout the United States. Motivational speaking has always been a great love of Jason’s, and now that his family is older, he is expanding his speaking schedule, writing his autobiography, and completing a documentary film of his life with Phil Tuckett, formerly of NFL Films. (You will have to ask Jason how they came together; that in itself is a great story.)

Throughout this time, Jason’s number-one life focus has been his wife, Roxi, of 28 years and his children and grandchildren. Now that his family is older, Jason is ready to complete these great projects documenting his life story, which he absolutely loves sharing. He truly appreciates the effects it can have on so many people, and he looks forward to inspiring many others over many more years!